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    Caviar Staircases is a division of Artistry in Glass, located in Tucson, Arizona. We have created elegant caviar serving solutions for fine restaurants in hotels, resorts, luxury cruise liners and major league sports franchises since 1986.

    The innovative beauty of our glass and crystal staircases will amaze and delight your customers, leaving an lasting memory of their dining experience which they will share with friends and colleagues.

    At Artistry in Glass, we pride ourselves in creativity and innovation - specializing in the rare, refined and unusual - from gilded statues of King Tut, elegant etched and carved glass windows, beautiful crystal awards, cabinet door inserts and expert restoration of crystal and china. Call 520-320-0104 for details.

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    • jade crystal caviar staircase
    • Optic crystal fan caviar staircase
    • luxury crystal caviar staircase
    • deco style caviar staircase
    • technical drawing jade crystal caviar staircase
    • technical drawing crystal fan caviar staircase
    • technical drawing deluxe crystal caviar staircase
    • technical drawing deco-style crystal caviar staircase
    • front elevation jade crystal caviar staircase
    • front elevation crystal fan caviar staircase
    • front elevation deluxe crystal caviar staircase
    • front elevation deco-style crystal caviar staircase


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    Caviar Staircases

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  • testimonials from our customers

    Outstanding ..

    "Caviar staircases from Artistry in Glass are an outstanding success: our customers are raving about them"

    Scott Daniels, Azamara Luxury Cruise Lines, Miami, Florida

    Truly beyond belief ...

    "Wonderful quality of workmanship - the repair of my alabaster platter that meant so much to me, was truly beyond belief."

    Carol Stookey, Tucson AZ.

    Delightful people ...

    "Excellent, fast service. Soldering repairs were made to my antique chandelier as well as adding matching stained glass. Reasonably priced. Delightful people to deal with."

    Helen Landerman, Tucson AZ.

    John and Claire are amazing ..

    "Our family has been using Artistry in Glass for artistic repair for many years. They are especially gifted in glass, porcelain and wood - replacing missing pieces like fingers and finials and matching paint and artwork. We live most of the year in San Francisco and save all our antique repairs for our annual vacation in Tucson. John and Claire are amazing. "

    Suzanne Morgan, San Francisco CA.

    The client was dazzled ...

    The client was dazzled (actually he could not even detect the repair). He has a huge collection of art from all over the world. Great job from Artistry in Glass:

    Mike Dominguez, Davis Dominguez Gallery, Tucson AZ.

    Artist, geologist & gentleman ....

    "To John Wakefield, Artist, Geologist, Gentleman, Thank you ever so much for your gracious assistance. Your sense of humor is vastly appreciated on that frustrating mission."

    Andrea and Michael Marks, Dove Mountain, AZ

    Tremendous success .....

    "The repairs I had done at Artistry in Glass have been a tremendous success - chips in my crystal wine glasses could not be better repaired."

    Vee St John, Green Valley, AZ

    Graciousness, humor and kindness.....

    "John and Claire are able to repair and design anything, from the most expensive Egyptian antique to the latest kid’s project - all done with competence, graciousness, humor and kindness."

    Patricia L. Stanley, Tucson AZ.

    Excellent and timely repair ....

    "Artistry in Glass did an excellent and timely repair of my antique Limoges china. I am very pleased with the service. "

    K.S.Wooton, Tucson AZ.

    Helpful, professional and courteous ....

    "I have found Artistry in Glass to be helpful, professional and courteous in my many dealings with them over the years. "

    Ed Leware, Prescott AZ.

    Rely on Artistry in Glass ....

    "If anyone is unsure about where to take broken glass or pottery, you can rely on Artistry in Glass to fix any item just like new. "

    Sherry Belkin, Tucson AZ.

    The best guy to deal with ....

    "John is simply the best guy to deal with. "

    Victor Kurowsky, Oro Valley, AZ.

    Artistry in Glass got the job done ....

    "We searched several businesses to find someone who was capable of restoring a badly damaged, expensive, tiffany-style, glass lamp shade. Artistry in Glass got the job done .... beautifully, affordably and on time. "

    Rick Rupkey, Sr., Tucson AZ.

    Most professional in all aspects of antique repair ...

    "I recommend Artistry in Glass as most professional in all aspects of antique repair - John has techniques that make broken and chipped damage disappear as if my magic. Restoration is obviously his expertise."

    Shannon Mackler, Tucson AZ.

    Award design looks spectacular ....

    "The award design looks spectacular. Thank you so much for your time, effort and creativity! Cheers! "

    USAF Capt Sid Maru, Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson AZ.

    Polishing is outstanding ....

    "I am writing to let you know that I agree with your statement regarding the Pairpoint vase. Yes, your reduction of the chipped base and subsequent polishing are outstanding. Thank you very much! "

    Ed LeWare, Cross Creek Antiques, Prescott AZ.

    Talented professionals ....

    "I have had several occasions to need the assistance of Artistry in Glass Inc. John and his family are talented professionals whose creations and repairs have been handled impeccably, in a timely fashion and for a modest charge."

    Mary A. Marmion, Tucson AZ.

    Amazing ....

    "Claire at Artistry in Glass repaired my damaged Lladro figurine. It’s amazing, I can’t even tell it was ever broken."

    Rochelle Reea, Tucson AZ.

  • Contact

    Caviar Staircases

    A Division of

    Artistry in Glass

    3423 E Grant Road, Tucson AZ 85716, USA

    Telephone: 520-320-0104
    Toll-free: 877-667-8050
    E-mail: jwakeart@gmail.com

  • Care and washing

    washing instructions

    Although your caviar staircase has been tested for durability in normal restaurant use, glass is inherently brittle and the staircase will break if handled carelessly. * Handle with care - corners may chip or stairs may detach if subjected to strong impacts. * Do not use automatic dish washers - wash by hand using the 3-sink procedure

    Cuidado y limpieza

    washing instructions

    Aunque su escalera ha sido probado para la durabilidad en el uso normal de restaurante, el vidrio es intrínsecamente frágil y la escalera se romperá si se maneja sin cuidado. * Manejar con cuidado - esquinas pueden astillar o escaleras pueden desprenderse si se somete a impactos fuertes . * No utilizar lavavajillas automáticas - lavar a mano utilizando el procedimiento 3 del disipador